Artificial Reefs

Reef Arabia manufactures a range of different artificial reef units to suit the project at hand. Reef units range in size from 20kg to over 9 tons.

Reef Arabia uses a propriety high strength marine-grade concrete, with no toxic additives that has an expected lifespan in the waters of the Arabian Gulf of more than 100 years.
Concrete is inherently alkaline and therefore, several processes which aim to neutralise the pH, are incorporated into the design. All components of the concrete are deemed non-toxic. Strength testing of the concrete regularly records results of 70 MPA and above, and quality control samples are taken and tested from every batch of concrete used.
Reef Arabia’s product range includes the patented and most widely used artificial reef unit called the Reef Ball™, in 5 different sizes, as well as its own specialized designs - the Patented Majfara Reef Replacement Unit and the newly designed Seamount.