Reef Arabia is the only company in the Arabian Gulf that operates a fulltime, fully equiped manufacturing facility with professionally trained staff capable of supplying a diverse range of quality concrete artificial reef units to anywhere in the GCC.  Our product range includes the patented and most widely used artificial reef unit called a 'Reef Ball'TM and our own units specifically designed for the Arabian Gulf.  We employ five full time marine biologists who have a great understanding of the workings of marine life and are constantly developing and deploying new designs.

Appointed to construct and deploy 2620 units as part of the Bahrain Artificial Reef Project, we have the capacity to satisfy your requirements whether it be an addition to your beach house or as part of a national marine rehabilitation programme.


The units we produce are made from high quality and high strength custom designed concrete capable of withstanding the harsh marine environment for hundreds of years.  Strength testing of our concrete regularly records results of 70 MPA and above. Quality control samples are taken and tested from every batch of concrete that we use with results recorded on a database should future reference be required.

Concrete is inheritently alkaline and so here at Reef Arabia we incorporate a number of processes which aim to neutralise the pH.  All components of our concrete are deemed non-toxic.