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    We supply a range of units and reef designs that you can use to increase fish, oysters, lobsters, cuttlefish or octopus. We can design units to provide the necessary habitat for a particular life stage of your target species.

    Increase your fishing areas Artificial reefs can be used to increase the number of fishing areas or to take the pressure off natural reefs that may be suffering from overfishing.

    Reef Arabia is currently completing a two year contract to design, construct, deploy and monitor ten artificial reefs around Bahrain in order to increase fish stocks.

    Selecting the best location  We can help you determine the most suitable location and reef design to help increase or restore numbers of your target species.

    Use them to enhance protected areas Artificial reefs can be constructed in protected areas where fishing isn’t allowed, for example near oil production facilities, so that they increase the number and size of breeding adults. Offspring from these protected areas help restock surrounding areas where fishing occurs.

    Preventing illegal trawling – save endangered species and habitats  We provide anti trawl units that you can use to protect important habitats or endangered species such as sea turtles and dugong from trawling. For example, Thailand has had excellent success in increasing endangered sea turtle numbers by deploying the Reef Ball units that we provide in areas where illegal trawling occurs and kills many turtles.

    Normally, preventing trawling requires marine police and laws and annual funding. Our anti trawl units are deployed once but discourage and prevent trawling 24hrs a day, seven days a week for 100’s of years and do not require any additional funding.

    Recreational fishing reefs  Recreational fishing is widely enjoyed in the Gulf. Coastal developments are very popular but are not designed to enhance or support recreational fishing. We can help you create recreational fishing reefs to add value to your coastal development or as part of a compensation package.

    For example, mini reefs can be created under or around private jetties to improve fish catches or satellite reefs can be created in strategic locations in the development to increase recreational fishing opportunities.

    Dredging, reclamation or oil production facilities can offset impacts or just make a contribution to the local community by constructing recreational fishing reefs either nearby or in a preferred location. The great thing about artificial reefs is that they are a community resource that does not require ongoing maintenance or yearly expenditure to upkeep like parks, sport centers etc do. Recreational fishing reefs provide a community asset for 100’s of years at no additional cost!