Majfara Reef Replacement System Unit

Bahrain’s first official artificial reef design (patented in Australia and the USA), the Majfara Reef Replacement System is an artificial reef system designed as both a fish habitat (via the double cavern system) and a host for coral communities (via both natural colonisation and human relocation efforts). It mimics the natural caprock sea caves and topography found in the Gulf.

Designed by marine biologists and conceptualised incorporating 3d printing technology, the Majfara Reef Unit’s key features and benefits include:

  • Vertical relief from seabed; mimicking natural rock and ‘bommie’ formations,
  • Double interlinked anterior cave openings,
  • Large surface area incorporating platforms to facilitate coral relocation
  • High strength marine grade pH reduced concrete
  • Incorporation of coral receptor bases (CRB) where required for coral relocation projects. Ideal for whole colonies, branching or boulder corals, or propagated coral plugs.
  • No steel used in fabrication
  • Easy to transport and deploy

The reef unit can be used for a number of applications, including:

  • Recreational fishing reefs
  • General fisheries enhancement
  • Dredge impact mitigation
  • Coral reef restoration/relocation
  • Enhancement of coastal structures, canal estates, jetties
  • Lobster enhancement / aquaculture
  • Diving and snorkelling reefs/trails
Model Height (m) Width (m) Weight (kg)
Majfara Reef Replacement System 0.6 2.1 x 2.1 1,400