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    Reef Arabia manufactures a range of different artificial reef units to suit your application, and is the only company that provides units designed specifically for the Arabian Gulf, and custom units for unique projects or a specific application you have.

    Our team has been diving and studying the Arabian Gulf reefs and fishes for over 20 years. We have a deep understanding of how reefs and artificial reefs function in the Gulf, therefore you can be confident the reef units we recommend will work.

    Reef units range in size from 20kg to over 9 tonnes.

    Reef Arabia is fully trained and authorised through Reef Ball Australia to manufacture Reef Balls, the most widely used artificial reef unit the world.

    Reef Arabia has selected the Reef Ball range because their design and function is similar to the natural coral bommies found in the Arabian Gulf. They are ideal for juvenile and adult fish and have proven effective in over 60 countries.

    CONCRETE YOU CAN TRUST Reef Arabia uses a propriety high strength marine-grade concrete with no toxic additives and an expected lifespan in the waters of the Gulf exceeding 100 years. Our units will provide essential fish habitat (EFH) for many generations.