Who We Are

Established in 2012, as a sister company to Environment Arabia and with its manufacturing base in Bahrain, Reef Arabia comprises local and international based marine biologists who provide trusted solutions to mitigating marine environmental impacts. Reef Arabia is the first authorised supplier in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to offer a wide range of artificial reef units including both licensed Reef Ball units and unique manufactured designs.

Meet The Reef Arabia Team...

Michael Arora

General Manager

Michael (Mike) has 21 years experience in conducting environmental assessments and marine ecological surveys not only in Bahrain but within the Arabian Gulf. He directs a fully equipped marine ecological survey team (operating to HSE (UK) requirements) which has extensive knowledge of local ecosystems and environmental issues. He is behind many of the bespoke artificial reef designs which are currently being used by Reef Arabia and are in high demand by Reef Arabia clients.

Halel Engineer

Managing Director

Halel is the Managing Director of Reef Arabia and Environment Arabia. As a local Bahraini environmental expert with 22 years of experience, Halel brings invaluable leadership to all projects. She also has excellent contacts with the SCE and other government authorities in Bahrain and has actively worked within the national legislative framework for twenty years. She established Reef Arabia as a sister company to Environment Arabia, and the first provider of artificial reef units in the region with the aim to offset coastal developmental impact on important marine habitats.

Anthony Janson

Production Manager

Anthony (Ant) has 20 years of experience working in the Commercial diving industry from undersea mining in South Africa to undersea construction in Bahrain building harbours and laying pipelines. He has been Production Manager for Reef Arabia since 2013, and has contributed to the manufacturing, supply and deployment of many of our artificial reef units in Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Anik Mia

Production Technician

Anik has been with the company since inception in 2012, and has worked on all the major projects, such as Bahrain’s Artificial Reef Program, Muharraq STP project and many other reef sponsorship programs. He has vast knowledge of the methods and techniques used to manufacture, transport and deploy Reef Arabia’s artificial reefs.

Support Team - Environment Arabia

Sarah Ben Arfa

Principal Marine Consultant

Sarah has 16 years of experience having joined the Environment Arabia Consultancy Services team in early 2006. Sarah specialises in the fields of Zoology, Marine Biology and Marine Resources Management. She has experience of working on environmental surveys conducting both sub-tidal and inter-tidal work, including marine invertebrate and algal taxonomy. Sarah has a strong background knowledge in the areas of marine biology and ecology, coastal & estuarine science & management, marine oil pollution and environmental toxicology. In addition, Sarah is a qualified and experienced HSE ‘SCUBA’ diver, this commercial diving qualification is issued by the UK government’s Health and Safety Executive and is in accordance with the Diving at Work Regulations 1997.

Jaafar Juma

Marine Team Assistant and Diver

Jaffar (Jaff) has 22 years of experience total and 13 years with Environment Arabia Consultancy Services . Jaffer is responsible for management of the marine team’s boats and equipment and driving boats during marine surveys. He is also a qualified diver. Previous to this, Jaffer was involved in the fishing industry in Bahrain and has an expert knowledge of local Bahraini waters.